Katie Specht

Inspired by the beauty of flowers and all they can do to bring joy to the world, to Katie there isn’t a better feeling in life than handing someone a bouquet and seeing their reaction.  Being able to comfort, entertain, and reach people during the pandemic has been crucial to her survival.  She is truly blessed to be able to bring new beauty to life and share this gift with others.

Katie is the happiest when she makes others happy by sharing her flowers.


Flower Friday Bunch

So Many Friends

Every ‘Flower Friday’ people assemble for bouquet making, sometimes snacks and always sparkling wine.  This group of friends love letting their creative juices flow at the end of a long work week.  They bring laughter, joy and love to each and every gorgeous bouquet.  Without the support of this solid bunch, we could not supply nearly as many bouquets to those needing a little pick me up.  We are blessed to be able to call these delightful and giving people our friends!