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We specialize in wild, elegant, garden-centric floral arrangements inspired by the season. We strive to reduce the stress of planning and budgeting for your wedding by offering a selection of personal and ceremony/reception flowers that are not only glamorous, but transparently priced.  We want to give you the ability to create the flower package of your dreams all while staying within budget.

What sets us apart?

We specialize in seasonal flowers that are exquisite, elegant and a little bit wild. What sets us apart is that we are not only florists but also farmers. This is attractive to many of our clients because with enough time, we can grow the color palette and variety of seasonal blooms you prefer. 


Many of our flowers are unusual in that they are not easily available to other florists because of their fragility.  They simply cannot endure the intense handling necessary to package and deliver long distances. Because we grow and handle the flowers ourselves, we can provide unique farm fresh blooms that will set your flowers apart.

Our mission is different from other wedding florists and our creations are sublime.  Of course, creating the most amazing personal flowers and arrangements for your dream wedding is what inspires us, but there are a few things you should know about us that differ from other florists.


At Moonlight Blooms Farm we believe that no petal goes unloved, and there is a lot of love being created at our farm.  We feel it is our responsibility to share these blooms with as many people as possible.


We believe the best expressions of love come from local seasonal flowers.  There is something special about an arrangement when it is created from blooms that are in harmony with nature.  Check out our list of available flowers by month.


We take care of our little piece of land and will leave it in better condition than when we found it.  We farm using organic practices and are proud to grow pollinators for local bees.  We avoid using plastics like cellophane and floral foam.

Á la carte flowers


Á la carte is perfect for couples who do not need a lot of hand holding and require no large installations. Tell us your color palette and let us harvest the freshest, most gorgeous in-season blooms for your special day. When the time comes, you’ll pick up your fully designed arrangements, bouquets, or centerpieces at the farm and take it from there! Below is a rough list of pricing. Once we know your likes/dislikes, we will be able to tell you the exact price of your selections.  



Buckets of blooms


For the DIY or very budget couples we offer buckets of our exquisite flowers fresh in bloom the week of your wedding.  Prices for buckets depend on what they contain but for the most part, our blooms are priced from $1 to 3 dollars per stem, depending on the flower.  If you need help creating arrangements, we also offer a design learning session with our lead designer for an additional fee. 

Arrangement making parties

Arrangement making parties are becoming more popular with the wedding scene.  Many couples use this as a way of acknowledging special and out of town guests without the expense of inviting them to the rehearsal dinner.  You can rent a venue at a local flower farm or host it at a friend’s house.  We bring farm-fresh flowers and all necessary supplies.  We offer instruction and helpful tips to make sure you are left with beautiful wedding flowers.  Besides saving money on flowers and the rehearsal dinner, an activity like this can bring people together before the big day, not to mention leave you time to get other last minute projects done!  


Because the best bridal bouquets require expertise, we recommend you select your bouquet from the a’ la carte menu.


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