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Make 4, 5 or even 10 of the people on your list happy.  Splitting is as easy as placing a regular order and then letting us know in the comments you wish to divide your weeks up.  We will contact you and you can either collect the gift certificates or we can mail them for you!  Pickup is still at the farm unless your recipient lives in an assisted living facility!

Loving Couple

Grandma and Grandpa

You see them at Christmas and Easter but even though you know you should, the time between the two takes forever.  Gift them a subscription of future spring flowers or split the subscription.

Professional Female

Young Professional

Your sister has everything she needs.  If she likes it she buys it.  Surprise her with something that she has never thought of, a bouquet in Spring.

Family Walking Around the Neighborhood


Your neighbors look after your house and dog when you go on vacation.  They bake you cookies and bring in your trash cans.  Don’t they deserve a bouquet or two?

Best Friends

Best Friend

They are there for you whenever you need a shoulder to cry on or want to celebrate a victory.  Flowers are not just for lovers, they are a great way to tell your BFF you love them!

No joke.  Who doesn't love a bouquet?

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