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Farm Fresh Flowers, One Seed at a Time

About Moonlight Blooms

Spreading Joy!

Having more flowers than we could possibly enjoy alone, we began to share with family, friends, and we began delivering hand-crafted arrangements to residents of assisted living facilities. The more we shared, the more joyful we all became, in spite of the isolation of the pandemic. Flowers bless the giver and the receiver and we were overcome with the power of flowers!

This year we’re offering Community Supported Agriculture (“CSA”) bouquet subscriptions to our local friends and neighbors.  CSA’s support local farmers while allowing subscribers to share in the bounty of the harvest. Sign up for the subscription schedule that works best for you, but don’t worry! Our vased bouquets will still make their way to our elders to help brighten their days. Your support will benefit this outreach and you can even choose a subscription (or one time only) to provide an arrangement as well!

You can probably tell we are passionate about flowers. And, passionate about sharing our flowers with you, so you in turn can play the power-of-flowers forward.  

Our goal? If we can grow beautiful flowers that touch the lives of our neighbors, friends, and elders, then we have achieved that goal!


We’ve always loved dirt.  Playing in the dirt is every kid’s dream, and turns out, it’s pretty cathartic for grown-ups too. Dirt is an empty canvas, waiting for the artist to coax beauty from it.  From this rich, fertile canvas little blossoms of life appear, all different hues and textures. What was once a hobby has blossomed into a full-blown desire to share Moonlight Flowers with you, so you in turn can share with your friends, becoming part of this daisy chain of flower-power goodness. 


Santa Rosa, California


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